A Letter to My Imaginary Friend


Autumn Mist


Rose Ornament

Painting by Lucie LeBel

Rose Ornament


O! what I have discovered in you, My Beautiful, Beautiful Friend, extends far beyond any superficial æsthetic that lesser men have only begun to see in their blindness and ignorance, merely wishing to possess you for their own as some conquered ornament to flaunt for the envy of stranger or acquaintance, like the tamed but broken bird condemned for a lifetime in a cage, and merely for the sin of its God-given allure, the sweet charm of its cheerful song. No, I have found in you something so singular and miraculous, something that I should only want to set free, and it is only in that sense and for that purpose that I would love to climb, no, soar! to the greatest Summits of Love and Divine Experience with you in this life.

My Dearest Friend, if circumstance would allow at this time I would say let us walk together through our existence in this world, let us build a home in the country, raise children and pets, flowers and vegetables together, let us raise ourselves, and so easily it would seem, to heights that others have rarely even dreamed of. I have learned enough in life to know that I cannot simply grant upon another such a happiness, that such is a thing we can only do for ourselves, but I think that together you and I could help each other reveal that greater happiness and peace of mind which lies within us all.

The floodgates of my heart are strained in their desire to be opened in your direction; the dam that I have built to keep this reservoir of affection inside is bursting at its seams, and it would only take a few simple words from you to release it with all its power all your way. I think that I would do anything to have you here by my side, but if all that I can have at this time is but a dream, a rhapsodic mirage of what it could be to walk hand-in-hand together with you through life, I think that just might be what will see me through this time of struggle and adversity, and whatever it might be that Providence shall bring for us in time to come.

A moment in your company, if only with your distant voice to share a few brief but gentle words, fills my Soul with thoughts of the essence of all existence, of Creation and all Eternity. I breathe in a sigh of relief, and as each inspiration brings renewed life to me I find my entire being completely sated with a universal kind of Love. My heart swells with a warm glow from deep within, a virtual luminescence of my Spirit, the radiance of which sustains me through this void, this cruel and empty uncertainty of all that lies before me in time, and before me in space. Your presence in my life is the candle that lights my way through this darkness, this journey through the underworld, this place where I shall be confronting demons from without and within, a trial greater than any encountered before in this life; and yet conquer those demons I must, it is a sacred purpose for which I have come this far and left so much behind, for there is a greater power which has brought me here to rediscover a Soul once thought so very lost, and another Soul grown weary ’fore its time which on its way I now must send.

But if I could, My Friend, if you would, I would come back for you in the end...

Until I hear your angelic whisper
so near in my dreams, once more,
from this afar,

I here remain
Your Special Friend,


Painting by Lucie LeBel


Rose Ornament








Rose Ornament

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