A Letter to My Imaginary Friend


Spring Breeze


Rose Ornament

Painting by Lucie LeBel

Rose Ornament


My memory shall never fail me whenever I might choose to recall that day: I remember that I had been looking down in the depths of my thought in that moment, thinking about these last years and all that you and I had begun to speak of so recently, and simply gazing about the scenery of the room as we made our simple small talk. I sat there wondering as we spoke how it was that I had never really noticed you before, that it was almost melancholy, in a way, that I had never had the opportunity to get to know you earlier in my life; but nevertheless I was still so very glad for us to have shared at least the few moments that we had.

And then I glanced up at you while you were just sitting there, and it suddenly struck me how so very pretty you are, that you really are so much more than just simply such a very beautiful mind. All of a sudden I felt my eyes had been opened to what I had been too distracted in my life to see before, and I could easily say that in that quiet moment you became just so very, so very absolutely, enchanting. In your Beauty and in your Thought, in your Heart and in your Soul, everything about you put me into such a peaceful tranquillity, almost a euphoric and mysterious kind of Brahminic state of grace. When all is said and done, you are simply the most attractive Woman in every way that I have met in my entire life, and in that sweet moment with you, looking at you from that small distance, it would have been so easy for me to have gone and just quietly knelt before you, taken your hand softly into my own, looked into your eyes and told you how so very much I could, but that I shouldn’t, we shouldn’t, it’s just too soon for us in this place and time... and so I won’t.

It is the Beauty which I have encountered within you which my adoration yearns to be with throughout every hour of my existence, for such was simply the only aspect of yourself which was really ever presented to me at first. I would be longing for you regardless of what I might have found to have been the outer manifestation of your being, even if I had come to realize that your divinity had been encased within the shell of a beast, too horrid for none but lepers or Saints to set eyes upon.

Yet, I have discovered instead, so long after the confirmation of the deepest of my affections for this wonderful Spirit which resides within you, that you have been truly bestowed the Loveliness of a Goddess of Heaven, nothing less than the magnificent, graceful presence so deserving to one who has held so much intangible power over me, transforming my every error and delusion in this life into nothing but a calm, auspicious motivating influence, with the fortitude to alter the vilest of all my former inclinations through even the faintest sound of your quiet, gentle voice speaking a few simple words to me.

While I long to spend every cherished moment with your inner being, not merely to speak of but to enter into practice the highest ideals of what it would appear we have both been in search of for so long with another, I do so find your comeliness to be such an amulet for me, casting its spell over my Soul and sending me in my reverie through the portals of a state virtually indistinguishable to a Bliss described in any poem or Sutra one might choose.

I cannot conceal myself to you, My Friend, this is all becoming too much: I must open the gates to this Muse and allow you to bear witness to the splendour and majesty of what I hold and feel within my heart, within this poesy of my imagination...


Rose Ornament








Rose Ornament

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