Epiſtyll to ane Imagenarie Frende

Parte Thry




long to by whythe thee,
to ſuppe my ſytte vpponne thy ſlendoor fiſike,
to fyll my daye’s horyſſon, and nowth mirely my nyghtyde dreems,
whythe they Vyſſyon that thou art.


❧ I am lyft brethleſs whan thou vttr wordes of ſwche geantle wayſedomb and compation, and I can thynke oonlie of qwiettynge thee, qwiettynge ws boyth hefe bwt for a moment, to feel thy moweſte, ſopple lippes preſſyd tendarlie vpponne myn owyn, moweſtenyd forder ſtyll bij they tires of adoorynge ioy weche woold whelle vpp from deppe whythinne my Hart, thenne ſlowlie don they wellffete of thy chike, bleſſynge, in thes waye, howr Aungels Kyſs.

❧ I am takyn to a daye whan I migth lingar qwiettly beſyde thee as thou ſleept, wachynge ower thee in tranqwillitie as I medditayt vpponne they geantle ryſe and faule of thy breſt... I coold thenne dayre oonlie to awakin thee, to neſſle don in ſerene obſeruaunce of they warme, peſſefoll thrumme of thyne hart, alowynge ytt to retoorn mea to ſwmme long-forgottyng infaunt ſtayte as I rediſcower for myſelfe ſwche appiſemend in thy gratious clemauncy; oonlie to thenne cradell thee in thy toorn, as a fadyr woold hys beybe, to ſothe auwe thy deppiſt grifes and wos, and brynge oonlie chirefoll reaſſhureanc in there ſted.

❧ Whot hys thes? Auhgh, yeſſe... I am mouyd bij ane hoder ſempyll thouwt and ytt rolles mea onc moare into a buityfoll dreem: to tak thee whythinne my harmes and lay thee don ſo geantly in a grehyt cloude of pyllowes arayyd whythinne a ſhrowde of Venecian laice, in ane ambienſe adoornyd and prityyd whythe lilie boqwets aull a-glowe bij they lytte of a tallowe flayme, whythe they ſcent of exotick parfumyd owylles and paſtylls of Indya waftynge langwrooſſly throgh they ayer; to feel they lythe ſatyn of thy fourme as ytt becoms ſo diſcritely vnueylyd benithe my fynghartyppes, whythe they twch of ſoft fedders and ſcarfes of Chynna ſylke, pluſſh ferr and freſſh-pluckt roſe petalls alytteynge ſo dentilly and ſo elegauntly vpponne thy ſleeke, nakyd ſkinne.

❧ They ſilaunce of howr yeuen woold by brokin oonlie bij thy qwiett ſyghs as I carreſſyd thee loffeyngely and heyndleſſly in they peſſefoll hwſh of caulm refleccion in weche thou lay thar befoor mea, leuynge thee ſtartelt whythe tention and aprihencion as thou felt ſodenlie ſo expoſyd, vttrly deffenſleſs as thou mouyd beyound mire perill and into they veritabell certantie of a raptooros deleria arowſyd bij my flittynge, flowtynge knides and preſſowres — a ſly torter that ſchwld by haſtynyd oonlie forder ſtyll bij they tawnt of deſygnyd heſitacion and intrupcion.

❧ So migth I oonlie begynn to extent to thee thes frolick of my loffe, ſekeynge oonlie in thes moment for myſelfe in recompenc bwt to lyft thee vpp onc moare in ane imbrace, hefe oonlie to feel they floffy don of a fyne treſſe of thyne heer vpponne my nape, wiſſpynge abowtt from my panttynge brethe as I gaſpe in they ſwett playſowr of ſuſpenc and antiſipacion of iuen they ſlytteſt bruſſh from thy ſoft, delicet handes.

❧ I woold by owercwm! I woold feel compelt to kneel befoor thee in entraunſſyd, ſilaunt wirſheppe of they reſplendaunt radiaunce of thy Femininitie. My hart woold race as I whas lyft aſtoniſſhyd and engullffyd bij thes ſytte... I can nowth... I ſchwld nowth... O! bwt I mwſte! My pation woold owertak my riſon, I woold reche howght to venirayte and fyll myſelfe of thee, ſurrendrynge to they flow of thes ſacryd, bloſſomynge fownt from weche I coold do nowghth bwt qwench my Spirite, to heyndleſſly ſlayke myſelfe from thes flokkes and flooriſſh of Buity that I hauef bine ſo bleſſyd in thes lyfe to hauef helt, and to hauef ſempylly behelt in ſwche ſerenitie and holowyd ardoor befoor mea.

❧ I can nowth begynn to conciue whot ytt coold by for ws to delue into thes ſfere of howr Sinc and Sincacion, to ſwimme gracefolly togithyr in ſwche ane Oſſean of Delytte, to entre ſo delicetly into thes antient Tantrick myſtiry vnexplooryd, helt hefe oonlie in a ſempyll clotch of yabbe-ywmme as whe ſurrendre to ryſynge enyrgies ſpookyn of for æons in hidde legaund; fryeynge howrſelfes to bountleſs waiues of wondr and ſurpryſſe, vpponne creſſts of ecſtaſſies that promys oonlie perfit vniſon for ws boyth, as whe mownt and ſormownt in they ryſynge intenſitie of howr oppen diſplay — nowe qwiuuerynge, thenne ſchordereynge as they ſerpintoyne conflagracion whelles vpp inſyde, ytts tantylliſſynge flaymes likkeynge vpp whythinne and owerflowynge from whythowght as whe tranſſend aull preuyous limitts, oonlie to fruſt beyound they pullſe and rythim of aull belowyde, poetick expretion; conuoulſynge and thenne eruptynge into howr delliſſhoos feeſt of proriaunce that ſchwld ſatteſfy aull apetytes and thorſts, yth woold leaufe ws oonlie hewyr moare rawenous and wantynge, inſaciable houngrynge for moare and moare and newyr-heyndynge moare, perfoormynge to exqwſit perficcion eche nuw acte whythinne thes, howr epick playe.

❧ Ytt coold oonlie by a vnyon whythe ſwche myſtick and ſpiritewell corelacions, a pation that woold by they enuye of aull they Doytties of Heuyn and Beyound, riuallynge non leſſe then that of they mythickal Cuppid and Pſyke, and aull as ſchwld newyr ſeſyn howr heyndleſs wiſſperynge of charemyd incauntacions as hauef bine aulredy impartyd and ſend foorth forewyr betwhene howrſelfes... vntell at laſt, ſo long, long laſt, they ſpeel woold thos by doone! They ſopernatoorall blent of howr inaytte pocions woold retoorn as ane aulchymick tinctoor inuokyd betwyxte and whythinne ws boyth, ſarueynge oonlie to forder reiuwenate and impowr they ſantity of Howr Loffe.

❧ Thenne, and oonlie thenne, coold whe finallie collapſe in howr hiroos triomff, to ſynke hewyr ſo ſlowlie into they puddell of howr reſpyt and drifft on to they luſſhous coaulleſaunce and peſſe of howr afturglowe, qwiettly ſwoonynge howrſelfes whythe ſecrett mormurs and endirynge hwms as whe langwſſh in they ſobtle — yth ſo vary ſumptewos — playſowrs of pommpwar.

Hauw can I begynn to impart they exqwſitneſs of my fancie of aull that ytt woold by
to becom Oan Whythe Thee? Wher coold I fynde wordes ſo woorthy and pretious to deſcroybe
howr fuſſhon into ſwche compleet and diuoyne a Criaſcion? They Earthe woold trembell and
qwak whythe they thondre of howr deſyrs, and, lykke Seua and Paruatie thimſelffes,
they brifiſt cuppellynge of howr imbodyyd Spirites woold ſewyrly ſeem for ws to
laſt a thouſant glorrys eyres, throgh heyndleſs lyfetymes and anon
into a celeſtyall Eternitie, as they copios gliſſenynge perls
arowſyd and effuſyd bij howr feruid heet and furie weare
hurlyd howght, ſtrewen accroſs they firmimend bij they
frenzie of thes coſmick Daunc of Howr Eros,
howr chereſſhyd Offrynge and Pæan to Venus,
magickally tranſfourmynge into a ſcyntillatynge
ſprynklynge in they twylytte and cryattynge a priſteen
myriæd of cryſtalls in they ſkye, a dazellynge mælſtromb
of heyndleſs galyxies of ſterres as no mortall yees weare hewyr
bleſſyd to merwel vpponne befoor, yth ſo tymely in thes belatyd laſt
for aull they Vnyuerſe to behould in prefeſſon of they Strenghthe,
they Powr, they Hewyrlaſtynge Buity of Howr Loffe,

— for aull bwt thou and I —
ſolely in vnattaynabyll aſpyracion,
aſtoniſſhyd rewerenc,
and aw...



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