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O! whot I hauef diſcouert in thee, My Buityfoll, Buityfoll Frende, extents farre beyound eny ſoperfitial æſthetick that leſſr men hauef oonlie begoun to ſey in there blyndnes and ignoraunce, mirely wiſſyynge to poſſes thee for there owyn as ſwmme conqwrryd orniment to flawnt for they enuye of ſtroynger or acqwintaunce, lykke they tamyd bwt brokin byrd condemt for a lyfetyme in a cayge, and mirely for they ſin of ytts Good-geuyn aloor, they ſwett charem of ytts chirefoll ſoung. No, I hauef fownde in thee ſwmtyngg ſo ſyngilar and myracoulous, ſwmtyngg that I ſchwld oonlie want to ſett fry, and ytt hys oonlie in that ſinc and for that purpooſs that I woold loffe to climbe, no, ſoarr! to they grehytiſt ſoummits of Loffe and Diuoyne Experiaunce whythe thee in thes lyfe.

❧ My Deriſt Frende, hefe circomſtaunce woold alow at dyſtyme I woold ſaye let ws walk togithyr throgh howr exiſtaunce in thes worlld, let ws byld ane homb in they countrie, reſe chelderne and petts, flowrs and vegytabylls togithyr, let ws reſe howrſelfes, and ſo eyſily ytt woold ſeem, to hyttes that hoders hauef rayrely iuen dreemt of. I hauef larnyd enow in lyfe to kno that I can nowth ſempylly grawnth vpponne ane hoder ſwche ane hapines, that ſwche hys a tyngg whe can oonlie do for howrſelfes, bwt I thynke that togithyr thou and I coold healpe eche hoder reuyle that grehyter hapines and peſſe of mynd weche lyes whythinne ws aull.

❧ They fludde gaytes of my hart art ſtraynyd in there deſyr to by oppenyd in thy direccion; they damm that I hauef bwilt to kipe thes reſirwor of affeccion inſyde hys borſtynge at ytts ſimes, and ytt woold oonlie tak a fewe ſempyll wordes from thee to reliſe ytt whythe aull ytts powr aull thy waye. I thynke that I woold do enytyngg to hauef thee heyr bij my ſyde, bwt hefe aull that I can hauef at dyſtyme hys bwt a dreem, a rapſodick mirayge of whot ytt coold by to walk hande-in-hande togithyr whythe thee throgh lyfe, I thynke that iuſt migth by whot wyl ſey mea throgh dyſtyme of ſtruggell and aduarſitie, and whottewyr ytt migth by that Prowidence chale brynge for ws in tyme to cwm.

❧ A moment in thy compenie, hefe oonlie whythe thy diſtaunt voyce to ſhar a fewe brife bwt geantle wordes, fylls my Sawle whythe thouwts of they eſſenſe of aull exiſtaunce, of Criaſcion and aull Eternitie. I brithe in a ſygh of relife, and as eche inſpyracion brynges renuwyd lyfe to mea I fynde my inter byin compleetly ſetyd whythe a vnyuerſalle kynde of Loffe. My hart ſwelles whythe a warme glowe from deppe whythinne, a vyrtuall lewmineſſaunce of my Spirite, they radiaunce of weche ſuſtayns mea throgh thes voyde, thes crewl and emptie vncertantie of aull that lyes befoor mea in tyme, and befoor mea in ſpeſſe. Thy preſaunce in my lyfe hys they candell that lyttes my waye throgh thes darkneſſe, thes yowrnay throgh they vndrworlld, thes plaſſe wher I chale by confrountynge dimons from whythowght and whythinne, a triall grehyter then eny inconteryd befoor in thes lyfe; and yth conqwrr thowſe dimons I mwſte, ytt hys a ſacryd purpooſs for weche I hauef cwm thes farre and lyft ſo meſs behynde, for thar hys a grehyter powr weche haſt browth mea heyr to rediſcower a Sawle onc thouwt ſo vary loſſyd, and ane hoder Sawle growen wery befoor ytts tyme weche on ytts waye I nowe mwſte ſent.

❧ Bwt hefe I coold, My Frende, hefe thou woold, I woold cwm bak for thee in they heynd...

Vntell I har thyne aungelick wiſſper
ſo nire in my dreems, onc moare,
from thes afarre,

I heyr remayne
Thy Specyalle Frende,




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