Epiſtyll to ane Imagenarie Frende

Parte Oan




Thou appereſt in my thouwts ſo offen of lait and I can nowth healpe bwt thynke hauw vniqwe thou hauef becom, hauw eccepcionall ytt haſt aull bine in gyttynge to kno thee. Thou art ſempylly that rayre kynde of parrſen oan ſild metes in a lyfetyme, that ſwmme newyr mete; they reſpeck, they fornneſs and warmthe that I feel ſeem to hauef becom ane affeccion of myſtickal proporcions, whythe a deppyt that reches to they vary coore and brethe of my Sawle. For they forſt tyme in my lyfe I no longar nide to tallk of whot hys poſcibell, of whot coold by, for whythe thee euere thouwt that entres my mynd as I penne thoſe wordes hys a ſoung of pres, a celibracion and a thannkeſgeuyn for whot ſempylly hys, for whot whe aulredy do ſhar ſo ioyefolly betwhene ws.

❧ They moments whe hauef ſpookyn hauef bine moments that I hauef vary eyſily larnyd to lok forwert to whythe ſparkellynge antiſipacion, nowth oonlie for myn owyn ſelfe, bwt for they ſake of boyth howrſelfes and, in toorn, for thowſe arount ws, for thowſe yewnger then ws as whell as thowſe howlder, for aull thoſe geniracions whe nowe ſey befoor ws, and aull thowſe that hauef and chale cwm aftur. I hauef lokyd vpponne thim as a fewe owres wher howr grehytiſt thouwts, dreems and diſſapoyntmends coold by ſharyd whythowght feer or riſk, wher aull that I woold by wyllcwmynge in retoorn woold by nowtyngg leſſe then ane eko of eueretyngg that I hayd bine troyeynge to co-reſſpond on whythe ane hoder for ſo long. Howr tallks hauef bine ſo foll of impaty and vndyrſtondynge, the hauef bine ſwche thouwt-prowokynge and ſpirityd, hefe nowth actewaully healpefoll, iuen heleynge, conuarſacions. I hauef gottyn to kno thee and aull thy deppiſt cers and conſarns ſo vary qwykely, and ytt haſt aull bine ſo vary owerwhelmynge for mea — I feel as thogth whe hauef knon eche hoder ſenc they moment whe weare boyth boorn vnto thes worlld, hefe nowth, indide, for aull eternitie.

❧ Weare whe loffers in a paſt lyfe? I hauef wondryd, for I can nowth healpe bwt feel ſo natoorallie and geantly at eyſe in thy kynde acqwintaunce. Whythe thee I woold aſpyr to they higthiſt idiles of Phyloſophickall, Spiritewell and Romauntick Loffe; I feel ane affinitie, a bonyd, a compation that I hauef newyr felt whythe enyon elc befoor. Whilſt whe maye nowth hauef hayd they tyme to ſhar ſo meſs of howrſelfes as whe hauef hayd whythe hoders in howr leues, I ſtyll feel ſo meſs moare intimit whythe thee iuſt ſpakeynge iuen as whe do in howr offynge then I hewyr felt nakyd and creyeynge, for ioy or for ſorowe, whythe eny hoder hoe coold nowe by ſeeyne as oonlie a mire infatuayt of my paſt.

❧ I thynke thar hys ſwche a wondrfoll baulaunce betwhene ws, in hauw whe hauef boyth bine abel to geue to, and reſſeyue from, eche hoder: thou art my Chylde and my Parend, my Stewdaunt and my Teecher, a woundyd Sawle for mea to noorture and comfoord, and a ſolempne Guyde to hele mea and ſhewe they waye. Befoor eny of thoſe I ſewyrly thynke of thee forſt and formooſt as ſempylly my Frende, bwt ſtyll I diſcouert ſo belatydly as whell hauw buityfoll a Whoman thou art, and, forgeffe mea, for in thes ſinc, for in aull thoſe ſinces, for ſempylly they waye whe hauef bine togithyr throgh dyſtyme, of coors I woold by ſo gennwinly attractyd to thee in whot coold oonlie by ſwche a rewerently pationate waye. I am iuſt ſo ſoprymelie at eyſe whythe thee, compleetly ſnugg in they comfoord of thy pyllowe, and ytt woold aull ſeem ſo ſempylly natoorall to tak howr relacionſheppe to heyndleſſly depper, heyndleſſly higther, lewells and plattows as I can oonlie ſormyſe that whe hauef as yth mirely begoun to ſey.

❧ Wherhewyr ytt hys that thes lyfe migth brynge ws, thogth, I thynke that I woold preferre to tak whottewyr hapens betwhene ws ſlowlie, to bayth in they delytte that eche and euere moment hys whythe thee. Whythe hoders ytt ſeemyd aulwayes a ſtruggell to mentayne my affeccions — ytt whas as thogth ytt weare aull a teſt to diſcouer hauw forgeffeynge my affeccions coold by! — bwt whythe thee they trewe difficoulty haſt bine in troyeynge nowth to faule hed ower hiles into ſwche ane extroordnarie ſtayte of whot coold oonlie, trewely by geuyn no hoder appellacion then that of Diuoyne Loffe. I am ſo meſs moare then iuſt begynnynge to ſempylly adoor they parrſen that thou art and euere bleſſyd moment that whe ſhar, for in thes vary brife eternitie that whe hauef knon eche hoder I can oonlie ſaye that thou hauef becom my clooſiſt and mooſt troyſtyd confedente, my mooſt comfoortynge aully in thes worlld, trewely they Deriſt Frende that I migth hewyr hauef dreemt I coold by ſo gyftyd to hauef hayd, and ſtyll hauef, in thes lyfe.

❧ Thou hauef triggeryd ſo mene thouwts and aſpiracions weche nowe arryſſe whythinne mea that I newyr reallie ponderyd vpponne befoor, and in they proſeſs I hauef goone throgh euere poſcibell ſenario whythe thee ower and ower in whot haſt nowe becom ſwche ſeſyleſs contemplacion. I hauef wondryd whot ytt coold by to leue whythe thee, to parhaps iuen ſpeand a lyfetyme whythe thee, and for they forſt tyme in my lyfe I hauef wondryd whot ytt woold by to nowth oonlie mak Loffe, to nowth oonlie cryate and heyndleſſly re-cryate ſwche buityfoll Loffe, bwt to procryate whythinne thes Loffe as whell. I ſtyll can nowth healpe bwt feel hauw eyſie ytt coold hauef bine, hauw natoorall ytt woold hauef felt, to hauef maid loffe in ſo buityfoll a waye whythe thee rythe thenne and thar that laſt tyme whe met whythe oan ane hoder, as comfoortabylly as thogth whe hayd bine makynge ſwche eyſie pation betwhene ws aull alongſt for aull of howr eyres. Ytt woold hauef bine ſo vary ſwett, hefe nowth ſo vary inſpyrynge, and hefe deſtinie hayd deſygnyd ytt to by a moment for they concepcion of howr owyn imacolet Criaſcion, I iuſt can nowth imagen that I woold hauef hewyr hayd eny ryggrets.

❧ And, I can haſtyn oonlie to ſaye as whell, that ytt ſewyrly dyd nowth healpe in thowſe laſt brife moments in weche I ſawe thee, that forſt reall moment that I hewyr ſawe thee aftur howr hauen ſpookyn ſo offen oonlie in ſwche a diſtaunt — yth ſo vary nire — waye, to finallie hauef a moment in parrſen whythe thee that daye that I wend, nowe ſo forloornly, ſo vary, vary farre auwe...



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