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Two of Wands


Two of Wands
Artwork by Red Dog Scott

Where the Ace of Wands brought potential in ideas, the realm of the mental, the Two of Wands brings potential in action, the realm of the physical. Although this card predicts successful action to reach a goal or accomplishment, it also predicts that more hard work is necessary to achieve success. The Two of Wands tells us that we can do it, keep on plugging and we will make it.

In this card a woman reads and studies texts. She looks up to envision her window of opportunity, her climb to higher ground. Her hopes and dreams lie before her, within reach. The colors in this card suggest the high energy available to succeed. An angel flies by, underlining the spiritual and intuitive nature of these gifts of creativity and energy that motivate the activity underway.

Now is the time to work on a new project, job, undertaking, business venture or foundation, and know that with hard work there is much potential to succeed.

The negative of this card is the fear that a new situation brings to us. Any time we open ourselves to a new experience or change we bring with it the uncomfortable insecurity that accompanies it. This might speak of a change that is too abrupt, a decision that was made hastily to bring a situation into play that is not at all what was planned. This could be a situation that is chaotic and frightening.

The movie My Girl has the energy of the Two of Wands. It is a sweet coming-of-age story about a young girl, Vada Sultenfuss. Vada is developing and changing, exploring relationships and experiencing growth in many ways, yet is not through reaching her potential.

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