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Ace of Wands


Ace of Wands
Artwork by Rosalyn Stendahl

Wands is the suit of fire, the unexplained spark of creativity and energy that is mystically linked to intuition, another strange phenomenon without rational explanation or physical measurements. And as with all Aces, the Ace of Wands card promises a great potentiality of these unknown life forces of hope, creativity, energy and intuition.

This card is illustrated with some of the most obvious tools we use to create: pencils and the human hand. A moth flies away, a symbol of the elusiveness of creativity, something almost impossible to pursue. It flits and floats to us at its own speed; we can never will it to us. Writing also decorates this card --creative energy captured on paper.

The Ace of Wands promises a great rush of optimism, creativity, enthusiasm and energy for a new project. Now is the optimum time for beginning a new endeavor, be it writing, drawing, proposing a new business, creating a new recipe, home decorating, anything where the imagination takes us to a new place we’ve never been before and where we feel compelled to follow.

The negative of this card could be the inability to see that which is in front of us. It could mean a possible failure in communication or miscommunication within a situation.

The movie Bowfinger has a lot of Ace of Wands creative energy, where characters improvised to create situations and opportunities rather than wait for them to fall into their laps.

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