Visions From LSD Psychotherapy

The following pages contain examples of artwork created by patients and experimental subjects, from the book LSD Psychotherapy by Stanislav Grof MD, published by Hunter House (Pomona: 1980 / ISBN: 0 89793 008 8).

All text included here is from the book, with only occasional minor alterations for re-formatting in this medium.



The Psychodynamic Realm (63k)

Illusory Transformations Of The Therapist (45k)

Fear & Trepidation (33k)

The Birth Trauma (30k)

Perchance To Dream... (29k)

Gateway To The Womb (53k)

Transition (34k)

LSD Journals Of An Artist's Trip (220k)

Body Consciousness (37k)

Ecstasy (60k)

The Transpersonal Realm (59k)

About The Author

The cover of my own well-worn,
oft-consulted, orange juice splattered
copy of the book. :)

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