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Masterpieces of Early Page Decoration

The following decorated pages are presented in chronological order based on date of publication, listing the designer or printer of the page (i.e. as opposed to the book's author).

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Erhart Ratdolt & Bernhart Maler
(Venice, 1478)

Erhart Ratdolt
(Venice, 1478)

Johann Bergmann von Olpe
(Basle, 1479)

Giovanni & Gregorio de Gregoriis
(Venice, 1498)

Aldus Manutius
(Venice, 1499)

Lazarus Soardi
(Venice, 1499)

Johann Othmar
(Augsburg, 1502)

Hans Burgkmair / Erhart Öglin & Jörg Nadler
(Augsburg, 1508)

Daniel Hopfer / Johann Miller
(Augsburg, 1512)

Johann Wechtlin / Matthias Schürer
(Strasbourg, 1512)

Hans Burgkmair / Johann Miller
(Augsburg, 1516)

Hans Holbein the Younger / Johann Froben
(Basle, 1516)

Albrecht Dürer / Johann Stüchs
(Nuremberg, 1517)

Albrecht Dürer / Hieronymus Hölzel
(Nuremberg, 1517)

Hans Baldung called Grien / Johann Knoblouch)
(Strasbourg, 1519

Daniel Hopfer / Sylvan Othmar
(Augsburg, 1520)

Urs Graf / Johann Badius
(Paris, 1521)

Hans Holbein the Younger / Johann Froben
(Basle, 1523)

Hans Holbein the Younger / Adam Petri
(Basle, circa 1524)

Anton von Worms / Eucharius Hirtzhorn
(Cologne, 1526)

Lucas Cranach the Elder / Melchior Lotter
(Wittenberg, 1527)

Oronce Fine / Simon de Colines
(Paris, 1534)

Oronce Fine / Simon de Colines
(Paris, 1536)

Hans Sebald Beham / Christian Egenolph
(Frankfurt, 1536)

Johann Herbst
(Basle, 1555)

Claude Bézoard(?) / Guillaume Roville
(Lyons, 1558)

Christoph Schweitzer / Andreas Gessner
(Zurich, 1559)

Virgil Solis / Sigmund Feyerabend
(Frankfurt, 1563)

Johann von Essen / Heirs of Johann Quentel & Gerwin Calenius
(Cologne, 1564)

Jost Amman / Sigmund Feyerabend
(Frankfurt, 1568)

Jost Amman / Sigmund Feyerabend
(Frankfurt, circa 1572)

Jost Amman / Sigmund Feyerabend
(Frankfurt, 1574)

Peter Hille / Michael Hentzken
(Berlin, 1578)

Jost Amman / Sigmund Feyerabend
(Frankfurt, 1580)

Jost Amman / Sigmund Feyerabend
(Frankfurt, 1581)

Johannes Nelt(?) / Adam Berg
(Munich, 1589)

Jean de Tournes
(Lyons, 1602)

De Bry
(Oppenheim, 1617)

De Bry
(Oppenheim, 1619)

Johann Schipper
(Amsterdam, 1669)

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