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Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research

by Stanislav Grof

(New York: Esalen/Viking Press)

I had a paperback copy of this book — Stanislav Grof’s first book — lying around for years, but somehow never mustered up the courage to delve into it. Looking back, I think it was pure naivete that had led me to go searching for answers elsewhere first, but despite years of looking, years of reading so many other works, nothing gave me what I was looking for — and so I bit the bullet and thought I’d go for some “heavier” reading, and finally gave Grof a shot.

And that was it — what I found in Grof’s research, observations and findings were what I’d been searching for all along.


The Human Encounter with Death

by Stanislav Grof & Joan Halifax (with a foreword by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

(London: Souvenir Press)

First hardcover edition (UK) of Grof’s second book, this one co-authored with Joan Halifax, on his work using LSD in the palliative care of the terminally ill, and it’s implications for related subjects such as thanatology (the “study of death“), etc.

Grof discusses not only his observations from his own work (and others working in the area of psychedelic therapy), but examines that alongside both the perspectives coming from the great spiritual traditions of the world, as well as evidence from the hard sciences, such as physics, biology, etc.

Needless to say, this book is truly mind-blowing!


Beyond Death: The Gates of Consciousness

by Stanislav & Christina Grof

(London: Thames & Hudson)

From the Thames & Hudson popular series of art books, a wonderful companion volume to “The Human Encounter with Death.“


LSD Psychotherapy

by Stanislav Grof

(Pomona, Ca: Hunter House)

Easily the most important book on the subject published since the 1960s (and perhaps ever) — not just for therapeutic professionals, this book is very good for anyone interested in acquiring a more serious understanding of the therapeutic potential of LSD (and other psychedelics).


East & West: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

by Stanislav Grof

(San Francisco: Robert Briggs)

A small brochure-type publication put out on the synthesis being found between modern science and mysticism throughout the ages. Very, very interesting synopsis!


Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

by Stanislav Grof, Editor

(Albany, NY: SUNY Press)

Excellent anthology on the subject — not directly related to psychedelic therapy, of course, but most certainly of supplemental interest to anyone endeavouring to understand consciousness, the nature of “reality,” and other similar subjects (all of which have great relevance to anyone wanting to understand the “psychedelic experience“).


Beyond the Brain: Birth, Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy

by Stanislav Grof

(Albany, NY: SUNY Press)

If Grof’s earlier (and later) works were like course materials for getting a master’s degree in psychedelic therapy, this book would be for anyone well on their way to a PhD in the subject — it’s that in-depth, that detailed, going into tons and tons of supportive evidence from all sorts of disciplines. Definitely not “light” reading, but certainly a very important work on psychedelic therapy and its implications for the study of “consciousness” in general, bringing up supportive evidence from a wide range of other sciences, with countless case studies and other accounts.


The Adventure of Self-Discovery: Dimensions of Consciousness and New Perspectives in Psychotherapy and Inner Exploration

by Stanislav Grof

(Albany, NY: SUNY Press)

If I had any one book of Grof’s to recommend to any “psychonauts” out there (or even just anyone who wanted to learn more about the subject, even without actually doing psychedelics), this would be the one that I would. This is probably the best overview of Grof’s theories written in an easily-accessible style for lay people, going through the entire gamut of experiences that one might have not only while under the influence of psychedelics, but “unusual” psychological experiences that one might have at any time in one’s life, for any reason. Extremely enlightening overview in this work — and just for good measure, at the end of the book is a “guide” for running an effective therapeutic psychedelic session.


Human Survival & Consciousness Evolution

by Stanislav Grof, Editor

(Albany, NY: SUNY Press)

Another anthology from Grof, rather similar to his Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science one.


Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis

by Stanislav & Christina Grof, Editors

(Los Angeles: JP Tarcher)

Wonderful supplemental reading to all the various works on psychedelic therapy — great stuff even if you’re not into psychedelics at all, but simply interested in “spirituality,” psychological crises (or just “difficulties“) and related subjects.


The Stormy Search for the Self: A Guide to Personal Growth through Transformational Crisis

by Christina & Stanislav Grof

(New York: JP Tarcher)

Another great book for lay people on psychological (and/or spiritual) growth and transformation — again, not directly related to psychedelics, but obviously the perspectives discussed here arose from observations made in that context, with those understandings then having greater application to other areas of psychology, therapy, personal growth, and the study of “consciousness.“


The Holotropic Mind: The Three Levels of Human Consciousness & How They Shape Our Lives

by Stanislav Grof, with Hal Zina Bennett

(San Francisco: Harper Collins)

The last book of Grof’s that I’ve read — although at this point I have to admit that things were getting a bit redundant for me (I’m sure Stan would understand). This is a great book, though, if you haven’t been introduced to Grof’s theories via his other works before, and are especially interested in the “consciousness studies” aspect of all that.

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