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Drawing It Out: Befriending the Unconscious

by Sherana Harriette Frances

(Sarasota, FL: MAPS)

This book is just amazing, the artist is just amazing. This is a series of illustrations depicting the “visions” that the artist had while undergoing psychedelic therapy, and the psychological processes she had, as she “broke through” and was reborn. In a way this is like the case studies that one finds in the other, older books on LSD psychotherapy — just profusely, and beautifully, illustrated.


Ketamine: Dreams and Realities

by Karl Jansen

(Sarasota, FL: MAPS)

I don’t even know why I have this book — that is, how I got it in the first place! Ketamine doesn’t really interest me so much — I’m aware that it’s had some great uses with things like opiate withdrawal, etc., but there are some other, more negative things about it that just don’t appeal to me.

Then again, I haven’t read the book, so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about — ha ha. In any case, there book is there in my library, so here’s a scan of it.


A Primer of Drug Action

by Robert M. Julien

(New York: WH Freeman)

Just a reference book, on drugs in general — but a VERY good one, which has been updated every few years with new info. If you just want a single reference on “all” drugs, this is a good one to look for, easy to find in any of the bigger bookstores (or on amazon or wherever).


DMT: The Spirit Molecule

by Rick Strassman

(Rochester, VT: Park Street)

In-depth account of Strassman’s experiments and research with DMT — a chemical found in the South American ayahuasca brew and other plant-based psychedelics — and the implications of his findings for the study of consciousness, the nature of “reality,” etc.


Psychedelic Psychiatry: LSD on the Canadian Prairies

by Erika Dyck

(Winnipeg, Man: University of Manitoba Press)

Fascinating history of the early years of psychotherapy with LSD — right here in Canada! Yup, some of the most important work being done at that time in this field was done by Canadian psychiatrists out in Saskatchewan — here is their story.


LSD: My Problem Child & Insights/Outlooks

by Albert Hofmann (translated by Jonathan Ott)

(Oxford: Beckley Foundation)

LSD: My Problem Child is Albert Hofmann’s autobiographical account of his discovery of LSD, and how it changed his life — and changed the world. Insights/Outsights, some further philosophical musings from the famed chemist, is also included in this edition.


Inside the Mental: Silence, Stigma, Psychiatry, & LSD

by Kay Parley

(Regina, Sask: University of Regina Press)

This book goes very well with that Psychedelic Psychiatry book, above, being the personal account of a woman who was first a patient, then later a psychiatric nurse at a mental hospital out in Saskatchewan, back in the early years of LSD psychotherapy.

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