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Prince of Wands


Prince of Wands
Artwork by Catherine Moore

The Prince of Wands announces a move. It can be in a physical sense, moving to a new city or country, or it can be a philosophical or spiritual move to explore new concepts or beliefs. As an individual, this card represents someone who is active, open to new experiences and change, although not very well grounded. This individual has a great deal of energy and creativity and is capable of high achievements if he or she obtains a quiet center and focus of that tremendous energy and driving force.

The Prince is portrayed holding a staff that appears to contain the energy of the sun. Creativity is represented by the flower and scroll also in his possession. There is a movement and flow of energy throughout the card; a woman shown drawing and other people are shown at the Prince’s feet, most notably Albert Einstein.

The Prince of Wands alerts us to movement and change within our lives, reminding us that change is essential to growth and presenting us with the knowledge that we have the strength and elasticity to roll with the changes we encounter.

Or, as an individual, the Prince of Wands can attract our attention to an individual in our lives who is a restless spirit, energetic and creative, eager for new adventures.

The negative of this card might be confusion and disharmony in life or an individual who lacks the ability to put closure to projects or maintain concentration on a chosen task

A movie character who has many of the Prince of Wands characteristics would be the poor young farmer, Joseph Donnelly in Far and Away.

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