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Nine of Wands


Nine of Wands
Artwork by Alexandra Genetti

Life may look difficult, yet there is still strength and confidence to complete the tasks at hand. There is a reserve of energy and creativity to achieve goals. If we seek this extra spark within ourselves we find it; if we dig deep enough within our hearts we find in our hour of need we can do many things that we never knew we could.

The night may be dark and black, forbidding and endless; yet the energy of the Wands shines through, providing a light and courage to see and guide us. This card speaks to us of the Nine Muses who inspire and charge us with their energies. These muses represent creative energy and the inspiration that is often said to come from the shadows and changes of the moon.

Look within yourself and you will find the strength, courage, determination and abilities to go the distance on a project, reach a goal, or finalize a commitment. The energy is there for you to tap into when you need it most.

The negative of this card would be an internal barrier erected to prevent you from tapping into your potential to overcome adversities. Look within to discover hidden motivations, unrealistic perceptions and suspicions.

In the movie Broadcast News a broadcaster, Tom Grunick, has the looks, mannerisms and speech for the job, but not the experience and the timing and flow that he had to learn. He had to cross that bridge to become a better broadcaster, which reflects a Nine of Wands life lesson.

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