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Eight of Wands


Eight of Wands
Artwork by Becky Ericsen

This is a time of high energy, bringing new ideas into reality, a time for action. There is much movement and excitement. The energy of the Wands is at a high. This could mean travel, or relocation of a physical nature. This could also mean the flame of emotional involvement, the beginnings of a powerful attraction or physical love.

The high action of this card is shown by the swirling energetic background. A woman paints figures who are in a state of excitement and movement. One man rides a bicycle, another dives forward and a third is a bareback rider posed on one foot on the back of a horse.

Eight of Wands tells us this is a time of taking initiative, making things happen rather than passively watching them happen to us. Taking risks is what life is about. If you never try, you will never know if you can do it. The energy of the Wands points us towards paths to spur our growth, pushes us into change; and we become better because of them.

The negative of this card would be the lack of completion or closure, either of a relationship or a situation. Stagnation brings frustration and confusion, possibly uncertainty or even jealousy.

The movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a movie about two men constantly traveling via land to get home for Christmas as the airports were snowed out and they couldn’t fly back. This movie has a lot of the Eight of Wands spirit.

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