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Six of Wands


Six of Wands
Artwork by Cathleen Perkins

This card is a card of optimism and victory. Athletes visualize winning and accomplishing their goals, which has been proven to aid them in realizing success in their careers. This is the power of the mind. We tell ourselves that the best outcome is possible, even probable, and half the battle is won, success becomes closer to our grasp. We can make ourselves our worst enemies by imagining the worst or dwelling on negatives, and when we then attempt to face our fears, we have lost the battle where it counts most, in our minds.

A young woman runs with a flaming torch held high in victory. Although she runs through a darkened night with threatening shadows and wild animals around her, she is fearless; with the fire of her imagination to guide her, she will win the race, conquer the battle, vanquish her foes.

The Six of Wands reminds us of the importance of optimism in achieving our goals. Positive visualization puts victory within our grasp. The possibility is there; we simply have to see it internally to accomplish it externally.

The negative of this card would be false optimism which can lead to defeat just as easily as the lack of optimism. Belief is necessary; all else is lip service and a self-defeating lack of guidance from within.

The most optimistic movie I can think of is Hoosiers, where a little team with no depth from a very small town managed to make it to the state basketball championship. Other movies of inspiration and achievement would be Star Wars, Rocky and The Natural.

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