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Seven of Swords


Seven of Swords
Artwork by Sarah Ovenall

The Seven of Swords brings a rather intense, possibly emotional, conflict. Although our first reaction to it might be to overreact and throw ourselves at it in a impulsive manner, we would be wasting our resources on this problem if we acted in this fashion. What we should really be doing is finding a middle ground to solve the conflict through negotiation and compromise.

The card shows a woman running away in a somewhat hysterical manner. Behind her is a jumbled pattern of several different languages torn in strips to symbolize a problem in communication and the jumbled emotional reaction to the conflict at hand. A moon is overhead, illustrating the lack of certainty in the line of communication.

This card symbolizes a conflict that should be resolved by clearing the lines of communication, remaining calm and rational, possibly with mediation or help in the form of advice from friends or loved ones. Perhaps there is a necessity for isolation or evasive behavior to avoid confrontation that might become physical.

The negative of this card could be too much reliance on the help of others or an over-rationalization that leads to distancing us so far from the conflict as to put us out of touch with the truth of the matter.

In the movie The Accused a woman is raped, experiences fear and paranoia. She has a hard time trusting her lawyer on whom she must rely as well as her own strength to mete out justice, rather than attempting it herself. There is a scene where she does just that, but nothing is resolved by her rash actions. The movie Body Heat is a movie of lost trust, paranoia and betrayal.

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