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Two of Swords


Two of Swords
Artwork by Red Dog Scott

When times are difficult and choices need to be made, it is easy to procrastinate. Make the decision tomorrow and the tomorrow we think we are approaching with courage and decisiveness never comes; it becomes simply another tomorrow. The more time goes by, the harder the decision. We let emotions cloud our judgement, not wanting to leave one option behind for another. We lie balanced in inertia and fear of the unknown.

This card tells us the futility of this stance. The time for choices has come; emotions must be set aside for pure logic and reason. This is not easy, nor is it entirely possible for many people. However, an attempt must be made, for the higher the emotions, the farther judgement strays from the path of the rational and healthy.

In this card a woman has an eye patch representing her emotions clouding her judgement, yet she is attempting to see with her remaining eye, using intellect and logic. She is buried deep within a trench of her own making, symbolizing the longer we wait to choose, the deeper we bury ourselves in future problems because of our indecisiveness. Behind her a woman moves symbolically to choose between two roads beneath two archways. A hand holds a question mark in the air, poised between the two archways symbolizing the indecision.

Although emotions are an intrinsic part of our human makeup, it is time to set them aside to make a decision. It is time to use the sword of intellect to cut through the emotions and make a logical decision for future growth and development. Although not apparent at this time, much good can come from painful decisions.

The negative of this card would be a loss of balance, a forced choice made, a lack of choice at this point.

A movie where a difficult choice was involved is City of Angels, where an angel is afraid to cross over to become a human. He is in love with a woman and wants to join her, but the fear of the unknown and all he had to give up held him back for a time. Schindler’s List is another movie dealing with the choice of one man to help others, how much risk to take to save people’s lives.

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