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Prince of Cups


Prince of Cups
Artwork by Debba

This is a time of transition, a time of new or old love, beginnings or endings. This could signify a time of artistic inspiration, a flight of imagination and creativity.

The Prince of Cups also represents an individual whose spirit typifies the purity of love: innocence, idealistic, certain in the conviction that perfection exists in our physical world seen through the eyes of love.

The art representing this character is a young princely-looking man holding up a cup. The cup is full of emotional energy, yet there is a reserve of this energy in the large container beside him.

A negative of this card would be a person who is so enchanted by the idea of perfection they do not see the hard realities of this world and are unable to commit to the ideals they profess to believe in. This could also be an individual lost in child-like egoistic behavior.

As a negative event, this could represent a loss of love, the end of a relationship or a time of waning creativity.

The dreamy sweet Edward Scissorhands displays characteristics of a Prince of Cups (even though his hands fit more into the Swords suit motif. He is very different on the inside than he appears from the outside). The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz is a Prince of Cups character.

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