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King of Cups


King of Cups
Artwork by Dennis Jordan

The King of Cups represents an individual who has repressed his emotions and dreams to be able to succeed in a world that appreciates material achievements. This individual has conflicting emotions regarding intimate relationships. On one hand there is a desire for closeness and commitment; on the other hand there is a fear of being contained and limited by these emotions. Confrontation is necessary to face fears and accept the growth that comes with emotional challenges.

We see the King of Cups as an ingenious man, a light on his head representing his burning ambition and drive. He stares off into space completely detached from anything but his feelings. According to scientists bumblebees are too big to fly on their light wings and yet they do; so in that manner the bees flying through the air represent dreaming the impossible dream. A house stands behind him representing his worldly accomplishments.

As a card of actions it might question motives and actions, ask that you face your fears of emotional commitment and re-examine your relationships from another perspective.

In a negative light the card would suggest that an individual is dishonest, ruled by intellectual emotions and is possibly domineering and manipulative.

The main character in An Officer and a Gentleman had many of the King of Cups attributes. He suppresses his ego in order to fit in and make it through officers’ training and throughout most of the movie maintains his emotional distance in all his relationships until the end of the movie where he drops his King of Cups reserve.

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