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Seven of Cups


Seven of Cups
Artwork by Keely Barham

The seven is the card of choices. There are seven days in a week, the completion of a cycle. There are seven Chakras, spiritual points; there are seven colors in a rainbow. There is a tremendous number of emotional and creative outlets possible here. The temptation is to stay in the imagination and play with all the potential ideas and choices; however, this card says you should settle down, return to the reality of the material world and select one choice or creative outlet, path or project and move forward with it.

This card is illustrated with seven cups in seven different colors with seven different aromas coming from them. Certain smells are temptations in themselves. This reminds me of going into a coffee house and looking at the menu and all the choices of drinks and types of flavoring one can add to their drink. Do you get an iced mocha or a hazelnut cappuccino with a touch of chocolate, or maybe you should have a mountain brew double espresso with extra cream. The possibilities are mind boggling. But sooner or later you have to make a decision or you’ll make a poor companion for whoever is with you or irritate the next person in line.

This card pulls you from the realm of the imagination and the world of dreams and back into reality, urging you to realize your dreams and use your creativity.

The reverse focus of this card could be a strong determination to make fantasies a reality, to make dreams come true.

The movie Four Weddings and a Funeral deals with choices the characters must make regarding relationships. The Joy Luck Club is another movie that deals with many life-altering choices several women make.

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