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Six of Cups


Six of Cups
Artwork by Ricë Freeman-Zachary

Strong foundations must be created to build upon. We usually create these foundations during childhood. These foundations are obvious if you were to focus on them as education, each year of school successively building upon another in terms of worldly training preparing us for jobs. These foundations are not as obvious if you attempt to see them in terms of relationships among family and peers. These relationships are generally taken for granted and rarely examined closely to see how well they were set. But these are the foundations upon which we must build future relationships.

This card asks us to look back and evaluate the past. It is not a time to be nostalgic and dwell in the past, to wallow in remembrances of sweet memories. It is a time to see past events and relationships as a mirror, to see the reflections and effects the past has made on the present. For then we can see our motivations and true reactions more clearly as we go forward on our path through the present and future events and achieve success in important tasks and relationships.

This card might also be an old friend or someone from your past coming to visit you in the near future, where nostalgia comes calling in a more personal manner.

This card shows a school picture of a young man, set among diaries and scrapbooks of past memories. Hands are held up to represent the importance of personal responsibility to accomplish goals and grasp the cups of emotional security and warmth. Flowers lend nostalgic sweetness to memories of childhood.

The negative of this card might be that you are romanticizing the past, dwelling in it instead of meeting the present and future head-on. It is time to move on and make changes based on current events in your life.

Movies where past relationships reflect upon current and future relationships, coloring decisions made and lifestyle choices with regret or triumph would be The Big Chill and Turning Point.

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