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Five of Cups


Five of Cups
Artwork by Renee Pearson

There is pain or discontent in all of the four suits within the Fives. In the Five of Cups we see emotional pain and heartache. We are all familiar with the expression, “Act in haste and repent in leisure.” This card shows us the price paid for rash actions: repentance, regret and finally acceptance. Yet, the pain of a lost relationship might not be the result of rash actions; it might be much more complicated than any single sentence could describe. Still the pain will be there, no matter what has taken place; and this pain must be eventually overcome.

The woman in this card looks over her shoulder at the man behind her in regret and sadness. Three of the cups representing what these two shared are knocked over or are in the process of being spilled, while two stand upright, representing the good that has come from and continues to remain from this relationship.

One must learn to work through these difficult feelings and see there is good that may come from the pain, impossible to see now, but through time and healing will eventually become apparent.

The reverse of this card can indicate that the growth needed to overcome emotional pain has taken place. One can begin to focus more clearly on the contents of the two cups that were not spilled, on the good that has come from this experience or this relationship. Friends and family perhaps have stepped in to help relieve the pain of the loss. New projects or interests bring about inner renewal and growth.

My Best Friend’s Wedding has a Five of Cups flavor to it. The main character must grow past a certain point and accept a relationship with a friend for what it is. The movie Interview with a Vampire also has the bite of regret in it where the vampire Louis experiences regret over his past actions.

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