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Ten of Cups


Ten of Cups
Artwork by Connie Houser

The Ten of Cups represents the culmination of emotional contentment through family and friends and enjoying the fruits of labor. Maintaining relationships is a lot of work, a constant give and take, constant compromises to maintain harmony and love; however the love is worth the price we pay.

The art in this card depicts a typical family in a portrait, father, mother and child. This is a study of rich contented family life. Behind them is a beautifully tended farm, green and growing. Above them a lovely summer sky with enough sun to brighten the sky and enough clouds to offer shade. In another frame a man is shown working in a field, representing the hard work that makes this farm run smoothly and prosper and makes the family strong. The roses are entwined among the two frames, symbolizing the love and beauty of the rose, which coexists on a stem with thorns that can prick and hurt, as our love can reward or hurt depending on which nature we choose to show within a relationship. The roses show the coexistence of these two sides of nature, two sides of compromise, two sides of our frail humanity.

The Ten of Cups expresses the joy and satisfaction brought to us by warm and loving relationships. These relationships give us strength, courage and nurture our spirits. This card speaks of the hope that this contentment will be permanent in our lives; it says with hard work and the continual balance of power and responsibility within relationships it can.

The movie Parenthood is one characters’ realization that all the problems he has gone through raising his children and dealing with his family have all been worth the sacrifices, and he is much richer for it.

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