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Seven of Coins


Seven of Coins
Artwork by Rosalyn Stendahl

The Seven of Coins represents a delay in a process where a difficult choice must be made either to continue working on something or to move on. It is a time of patience and requires close attention be paid to assess one’s needs and achievements. Perhaps this phase is only awaiting a certain time, such as a season or cycle. Perhaps this is only a short delay and may have little effect in your overall plans. The time you spend in contemplation may result in a change of heart regarding a predetermined plan you had originally set out to accomplish.

This card is represented by a woman lost in thought. A compass sits on her left, a tool of logic and reason helping her make a decision. The folly of past actions is seen in the monkeys on her right. The time and season to make a decision are symbolized by the beautiful Bird of Paradise flower in front of her. Above her on the right is a stack of coins, her eventual destination; on the left is Fool’s Gold, the obviously wrong choice she must avoid.

It is a time of suspension of plans, a time for re-evaluation of original intentions. Use your time wisely in re-assessment of a project. Do not reflect too long on past glories or mistakes. Because there is a delay does not mean termination. Remain grounded and pursue the best logical course of action when necessary.

The negative of this card would be dissatisfaction with work accomplished, a job which leaves you disappointed in yourself and alienated from others.

There is a place in the movie Dances With Wolves that shows the main character in a place where he must choose to go back to the civilization he came from as an outcast or return to the Indians who have accepted him as one of their own. This place in time in that movie reflects the essence of the Seven of Coins.

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