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Six of Coins


Six of Coins
Artwork by Teesha Moore

We can only receive as much as we are willing to give. There is a balance within this concept which affects all things in life. Future actions reflect the consequences of past actions. The Six of Coins speaks to us of this balance, maintaining this balance, reminding us that our generosity to others will be reflected in their generosity back to us. The old fairy tales tell of a fairy that disguised herself as a poor old beggar woman to ascertain which people had true compassion, who gave of themselves and their resources expecting no reward, and who did not. People who came in contact with the old lady and helped her were rewarded; those who did not suffered some misfortune for their callousness. True rewards came to those who deserved them.

This card is illustrated by a woman’s face which appears to be meditating or lost in thought. The words “again and again look” are across her forehead asking her to appreciate and return the love and friendship she receives from her friends and loved ones.

Remember to be generous with those who are generous with you and even from whom you expect nothing from. Life brings you what you give it; through one passageway or another you will receive what you give. Spiritual and emotional riches are obtained through pure intentions and open hearts.

The negative of this card would be selfishness and a subservient position created where there should be equality and sharing.

The movie The Lottery Ticket is a story of good fortune bestowed upon good people as a result of their pure unselfish actions. It has a Six of Coins flavor to its ending, bringing monetary rewards to people in return for their generosity and kindness to others.

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