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Five of Coins


Five of Coins
Artwork by Julie Hagan Bloch

The Five of Coins brings sorrow and loss. This might be an emotional loss of a friend or loved one. This might be a physical loss, as in a loss of health, an onset of illness or injury. This might be a financial loss as in a business or investment. This might be a spiritual loss, a loss of faith and hope. This is a time of difficult emotions, insecurity, anxiety and stress, vulnerability and uncertainty.

The Five of Coins is portrayed as a woman in robes with her hand up as if warding off some problem. She walks in the rain, symbolizing tears, emotional outbursts of deep painful emotions. She turns away from the dark, into the light, focusing on overcoming these difficult times.

This card describes a difficult time in life, a time of pain, loss and uncertainty. Although this is a painful time, you must never lose track of the things that remain in your life that are important, the things you do have. There is light at the end of the tunnel; there is faith, it is but lost for a time, although not irretrievably. It is important to remember that eventually good will come of this difficult time. Overcoming a trial will increase strength and perseverance.

The negative of this card would be an increase in difficulty in an already difficult situation. What was bad will only get worse before it can get better. When a wound is infected it must be cleaned and debris removed to eliminate infection. The additional pain must be endured before healing can take place.

Another negative interpretation would be for the grief to be purely on an internal level and not reflected in reality.

A movie which reflects the grief of emotional loss is What Dreams May Come where characters die and the losses must be dealt with in order for all to come to a more peaceful place. Another movie that reflects much of what the Five of Coins is about is To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday.

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