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Four of Coins


Four of Coins
Artwork by Debba

Here we find the negative possibility that comes with having more than enough: never having enough. In the Four of Coins there is a tendency to hoard, to be greedy and possessive of material possessions. With this tendency to grasp onto worldly goods so tightly, there is probably the tendency to hold reservations on giving other things as well, possibly emotions. Not only is there no trust, there is also no risk in this mode. With no risk there can be no gain. There is nothing that is 100% safe in the emotional domain. The same can be said of the physical domain. Reliance on the dollar has ruined many a life, spoiled many a relationship. A sense of perspective must be maintained; the most important things in our lives cannot be counted in any currency.

This card shows a woman sitting in beautiful robes holding a large coin in her lap. Is she displaying it to get others jealous or hoarding it for the future?

It is time to let go of possessive feelings or over-reliance on material goods. It is time to take chances and grow with them. You will not always win. Sometimes you may lose; however, on either side of that coin you will always grow in experience and wisdom; and that is the most important reward of the game of chance.

The negative of this card is actually a positive. It indicates that a release has been made; generosity and freedom have set you free.

The movie Pretty Woman shows the metamorphosis of a cynical business man who specializes in buying companies only to tear them apart and sell them piecemeal. He has also learned to be quite reserved in the emotional arena as well. He comes to appreciate the beauty in giving and taking and finds perspective in the value of money.

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