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Three of Coins


Three of Coins
Artwork by Alexandra Genetti

The focus of the Three of Coins is on work in development. Progress has been made in some aspect of a creation, a structure, a project requiring physical labor. The job has been well done so far, yet more work is needed to finish. This might be a singular effort or a communal one.

This card represents a work in progress as a busy farm in the harvest season. The seeds have been planted; the labor to keep the vegetables and fruit growing has been accomplished. The plants are green and healthy and ready to be gathered. The hay piled high atop the farm wagon gives us the indication that this is just the beginning of the fall harvest labor. The farm is prosperous, promising a generous reward of foodstuffs in return for the hard work contributed to it.

You have accomplished the first stage of a project, but this is not the time to get smug or cocky. It is merely a time to stand back and survey your work and prepare to return to your labors to finish them. You have done a good job so far; keep up the good work.

The negative of this would be leaving a job incomplete, doing a poor job, being unhappy with performance.

No movie really epitomizes the work in progress that the Three of Coins represents. However, parallels can be traced to movies like Silkwood and Norma Rae, movies where characters begin to create positive change in large corporate arenas; yet at the end of each movie we can see that this is just a beginning of the changes needed to be adopted by corporate structures.

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