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Two of Coins


Two of Coins
Artwork by Susan Renee Tomb

The potentiality of the Ace has transitioned into the practicalities of daily life in the Two of Coins. The business opportunity or new venture has forced changes into your life, and the shift of energy has created a situation where experimentation and a juggling of tasks and responsibilities is necessary.

The Two of Coins is illustrated by two large cogs representing the machinery of initiative and the material world. The change of energy can be seen in the use of color contrast dividing the card in two and the change in direction of one of the cogs.

There is a change in your routine, a period of trial and error to find a balance during a transitional phase while moving towards accomplishment of your goals. There is a change in fortunes and a movement of energies, yet there is the opportunity to integrate the energies and focus upon them to create harmony within change.

The negative of this card would be balance and energies lost because of mismanagement of business ventures. There is an inability to juggle the new enterprise with the old.

The movie Places in the Heart shows the change and focus of energy in the Two of Coins. This movie is set in the deep South during the Depression; a woman’s husband is killed and she must learn to make a living for herself and her children to keep her farm from being repossessed by the bank. She takes in a boarder and she meets a transient who teaches her to grow cotton and make a living for herself and her family. Although this movie shows a lot of struggling, our main characters come through successful financially and spiritually enriched as well.

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