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Ten of Coins


Ten of Coins
Artwork by Renee Pearson

In this card we see the roots of a solid infrastructure that will last much longer than we do. If you ever think about what is left behind you when you die that represents your accomplishments in life, this card addresses that. In the Ten of Coins lies the desire or the objective to set down roots, a family, an institution, fortune, something that will stand beyond your lifetime, something that will represent your heritage, beliefs, genes, possibly a body of work.

This card is represented by hands holding the earth, representing the embodiment of stability and prosperity within the human lifetime. Holding the earth in our hands is something like holding infinity, a lasting memorial to our existence that will last lifetimes, even centuries after the last of our physical traces are gone.

There is a desire to establish a family, a lasting achievement, a heritage of some type to pass on to successive generations, an inheritance to stand throughout time, a legacy that could be as simple as purchasing something as a family heirloom or a house. It could be as complex as starting a family or creating a body of work, something that takes years and a huge amount of dedication, time and resources.

The negative of this card would be a recklessness and abandonment of stability and a solid base of achievements to pursue some course of action that would disrupt and possibly even destroy the roots of accomplishment that were created.

Movies which speak of families, roots and lasting achievements would be Little Women, Parenthood and Avalon.

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