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The Tower


The Tower
Artwork by Susan Renee Tomb

The Tower card denotes abrupt changes in life. The structure upon which you have built your ideals, beliefs, values or pride has become outdated, challenged and consumed by changes in its structure from the foundation on up. The tower you have built around your beliefs has no choice but to fall down, crumbling before your eyes.

The left side of The Tower is dark and forbidding. Lightning splits the ominous night sky as fire consumes the structure. But this collapse has a future to look forward to. There will be a new structure, a new and calmer day, as evidenced by the sun in the right half of the picture.

Changes may be in a belief system, in spirituality, within employment or relationships. However, whatever structure is broken down, there is potential for a new one in its place.

The Tower signifies earthshaking changes in your life. Amid fire and lightning this upheaval of your core should bring new insights into life and bring about a change. Whether this change is good or bad is up to your acceptance of it. A change can be a liberating thing, freeing you from old behaviors and routines; yet a change can also be a frightening thing to deal with, bringing a loss of familiarity and security for a time.

A negative side to this card would be to remain static and not allow a necessary change to take place, becoming trapped in an old outdated system.

The movie The First Wives Club has The Tower scenario happening to four women. Each woman’s husband has left her for a younger woman. The first woman commits suicide in desperation. The other three unite and bring forward a new structure for themselves, overcoming the pain and humiliation they have encountered, growing and becoming more dynamic and accomplishing more than they had ever thought possible.

The movie A Streetcar Named Desire shows The Tower that can come crashing down when an identity based on false beliefs is shattered by reality.

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