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Artwork by Jill Jones

In our lives too much of anything can be turned into a negative influence on us. Too much work creates strain on the personal life. Too much personal time and work may suffer. Too much exercise can create physical ailments, and the same can be said of not enough exercise as well! The Temperance card tells us that we need to be moderate in all things. We must measure appropriate time to various activities; we must take stock of priorities in our lives and make sure we are handling them.

In our relationships we must compromise and cooperate with loved ones and others in our lives. Common sense and application of logical principles, recognizing the whole is only as good as its parts, creates balance and productivity.

The card portrays Temperance as a woman who might be painting or reading with a flaming busy night sky behind her. Above her lies a palette of colors. The woman keeps a balance in life, blending the different moods of the solar system in her palette. At her feet is a flowing stream, symbolizing new life and the eternal movement of life.

Temperance urges us to blend opposites, merge opposing viewpoints and create harmony within our lives, both our personal life and our business life, stressing compromise and cooperation as the necessary ingredients to a congenial existence.

The negative aspect would be to waste energy in discordant disagreements, to stagnate in an oppressive atmosphere or to overindulge in some activity.

Groundhog Day is a movie in which the main character is forced to relive one day over and over again until he gets it right and does the right things. This is a perfect example of how he must blend all the right behaviors and say the right thing with each individual to reach out for the best reaction from each person he deals with in each situation.

The movie Like Water for Chocolate shows a blending of unconscious and conscious worlds, the blending of opposites.

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