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The Hanged One


The Hanged One
Artwork by Renee Pearson

The Hanged One depicts a sacrifice being made to get something that is of higher value. We sacrifice our time to make money. We sacrifice our business ventures by making higher time commitments to our family or vice versa. Parents sacrifice time and energy from their relationship for the sake of time with their children. Loved ones economize to buy things for one another, sacrificing the things they would buy for themselves. Students make sacrifices in personal areas of their lives to be able to study more and make better grades. Sacrifice is part of our everyday life in small and large ways, and sacrifice usually brings its own reward along the way. Generally the purpose of greater good is behind it.

The Hanged One on the card is a woman hanging from a rope, waving flags. She appears to be a circus performer; however, flag waving has been used to transmit warnings, so in this instance she seems to be issuing some type of warning. The woman is sacrificing her own security in order to warn others of some impending danger. She has exchanged the corporal mundane world for the spiritual, realizing there is more at stake here than her fragile existence. She is willing to make that sacrifice if necessary.

This card does not predict that a sacrifice will be made; it asks only for a surrender of ego, time, money or ambition for a greater good, for the bigger picture. It is up to every individual to make a decision about whether or not to take that challenge. It is a question that hangs in balance, that asks “How much am I worth to you? Am I worth the sacrifice?".

Another aspect of this card is viewing reality from another perspective and acquiring another point of view, as though you were seeing through another’s eyes.

The negative of this card is denying your spiritual side, your true side and focusing on the physical, perhaps being selfish and egotistical.

The movie It’s a Wonderful Life, is a story that immediately comes to mind when contemplating the meaning of this card. George Bailey doesn’t realize that all the sacrifices he has made in his life ever made any difference. When he wishes he had never been born and his wish is granted he sees how many wonderful positive changes he has made to other people’s lives because of his presence and sacrifices. George is an excellent example of The Hanged One.

The movie Casablanca also has the theme of sacrifice for a greater good in it.

In the movie Big, Josh Baskin gets to see life from an adult’s perspective and influences many adults to enjoy life more and see things from a child’s point of view.

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