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The Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune
Artwork by Rosalyn Stendahl

Life is a series of ups and downs. As much as we love routine and an unchanged horizon, it is a sure thing there will be change in our lives over time. Good things happen and bad things happen. The Wheel of Fortune makes her round over and over for all. Sometimes it seems as if we are on a roller coaster rather than a Ferris wheel, depending on the emotional context of the ups and downs. However, life usually metes out the balance of both the happy and the sad to us. It is our ability to perceive and enjoy that makes the happy events in our lives apparent and enjoyable and our ability to overcome and learn from the sad and unfortunate events that makes our lives richer. If there were no sour, how would we know and appreciate sweet? The painful lessons may not make sense as they happen; in fact some things may always appear senseless, such as the death of a loved one, but human growth is a powerful and wonderful thing even when the price is seemingly impossible to fathom. We must accept our place in the Divine Plan and find the greater good in all things in the cycle of life.

The Wheel of Fortune is a rose on a wheel suspended between the earth and the moon, signifying that there is a time and season for all things. Should life become hard and harsh, remember that it will not be so for always. There will be a new season of growth and love as time goes on. One must persevere and be optimistic. Life is good. If your life is happy and easy, remember that you must appreciate these gifts and keep them in you always, so should time go by and your fortune turn bad you have pleasant memories to warm you in troubled times.

The Wheel of Fortune signifies change. Change is a good thing, despite being difficult and scary; there is always growth within change, whether apparent or not. Growth is good for the soul, good for the spirit. Overcoming one challenge brings us to further ones with confidence in our abilities and appreciation of the good things in our lives. We must go with the flow of our lives, accept changes and work with them rather than against them.

The negative perspective of this card is fighting against changes and refusing to accept a new chapter in one’s life. This is a waste of energy and a futile endeavor.

The movie Beaches is a great example of people riding The Wheel of Fortune. Two friends share life’s ups and downs, maintaining friendship through most of their trying times, living with acceptance of their limitations and great gifts, keeping the memories of the best of times golden, accepting the worst of times and keeping the ability to love and share intact throughout those trials.

In the movie, The Big Lebowski every change influences another change. As one travels the Wheel they can know only the one spoke they are on, only be influenced by the reality of that spoke. So it was for the characters in that movie: they were clearly only involved in the reality of each situation as they were engulfed by it.

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