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Artwork by Connie Houser

We all seek justice, fair solutions to our problems, fair compromises to cushion life’s bumpy road. We all know that achieving justice is a difficult, often impossible task. Perceptions of events vary from individual to individual, making justice an often elusive dream or nightmare. However, our human nature puts the achievement of justice on a pedestal, an importance so critical lives have been saved and lost through her worn turnstiles.

Justice in this card is a woman holding a scale. The scale represents the balance that must be achieved in life to create fair and deserved justice as perceived through kind and generous moral standards. In order to receive, we must give. For what we take, we must pay. There is a sense of karmic balance; for every reaction there is an equal reaction. Behind the woman is a structure shining rose and gold in the moonlight, the idealized structure of justice. The moon casts an apt shadow on Justice, as she is ever changing and is often obscured by clouded emotions.

This card suggests a need for balance, rational and well-thought-out decisions. Often emotions tie up our ability to function rationally in an equitable manner. As in our court system, perhaps a need for an impartial third party is necessary for all parties involved to find a just solution that works. Or perhaps one might simply stand back from a situation and attempt to see things from another angle or viewpoint to become more just.

The negative side to this card is the tendency to act irrational, over-emotional and impulsive in an unfair manner.

In the movie The General’s Daughter, justice was meted out in the end (on the earthly plane) despite the subterfuge and attempted rationalization of the irrational. Determining the truth and the pursuit of justice was of paramount importance to the investigator, allowing nothing to stand in its way.

Another movie which personifies the characteristics of Justice is To Kill a Mockingbird.

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