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The Chariot


The Chariot
Artwork by Sarah Ovenall

Often in life, situations arise that require every bit of our energy and concentration to conquer and rise above. There is a play of forces that make it necessary for us to muster our resources and overcome the challenge that has been placed before us. There is conflict arising from two natures within us. This can be many aspects of our personal archive of emotional and spiritual baggage. For instance, the rational and irrational, (knowledge vs. fear) or obligation and ambition, positive and negative, masculine and feminine and so on. We are a sum of our life experiences and genetic makeup. The list of possible conflicting aspects within our personalities is nearly limitless. The conflict can be within us as well as within our environment.

The Chariot alerts us to the fact that a conflict is arising. However, it also gives us confidence in our ability to meet it and defeat it. Energy, will power, and resolution are available. If all resources are focused on the job at hand the potential for success is high.

In the card a knight stands ready to fight. He has many shields behind him, representing the many battles he has won. Two watches stand on either side of him representing conflicting emotions or planes of thought. The promise of success is within his grasp, as portrayed by the rich green palm fronds in front of him.

The negative aspect of this card can be a lack of focus, a weak will or unnecessary aggressive action.

Ripley, the main character in the movie Alien personifies what drive, focus, ingenuity and energy can accomplish when faced with adversity in amazing proportions. She is only one person, but she is able to conquer what many others could not.

In the movie Star Wars, the character Luke Skywalker overcomes fears and with knowledge and great determination conquers the Dark Side.

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