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The Lovers


The Lovers
Artwork by Michele Monet

The Lovers represent much more than simply a relationship between lovers, as the name would suggest. The Lovers represent more importantly a choice. Love is always a choice and remains a series of choices, a series of compromises that are made between two people. This is a constant that remains in order for love to be constant.

The Lovers card tells you a choice must be made in a relationship that is important to you. The card warns that a decision made in haste very likely will be repented in leisure. Careful consideration must be made because, for every chosen circumstance, there will be the other side of the coin, the sacrificed choice.

In this card, the young man has his hand extended out in supplication. Behind him are three women waiting for his choice. This may not mean a choice between lovers; it could be a choice between a loving commitment or a honeybee lifestyle flitting from flower to flower. It could be a choice between continuing love or leaving it behind or a choice of preferring to concentrate one’s attention on other worldly tasks rather than on the relationship at hand. In the card the women are located in a building with two stories, a small tower. If a choice is not made the tower could fall. Life does not remain in a static form; it flows and moves in many directions. One must make choices before fate makes the choice for you, which is one of the negative aspects of this card. Another is the pain that can be inflicted through choices.

One of my all time favorite movies is Bull Durham, where a minor league baseball fanatic puts the choice to become her lover in the hands of two minor league players, two men with an unclear knowledge of love (and other things). The hasty choice made the first night of the baseball season becomes appallingly clear to be the wrong one as the movie progresses.

Other movies which represent The Lovers card would be The Crying Game, Moonstruck, and When Harry Met Sally, where the characters face choices that are much more than simply whom to love.

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