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The Hierophant


The Hierophant
Artwork by Becky Ericsen

The Hierophant is a wise holy man. He has dedicated his life to obtaining spiritual peace through a close relationship to his Creator. He cares not for worldly things. Although he is wise in the various realms of human existence, spiritual riches are the only true wealth to him.

The Hierophant is portrayed as a wise man giving a blessing to two subjects, one of whom appears to be a mother holding a child; the other, a depressed-looking man. These people are focused on worldly activities and The Hierophant, by blessing them, attempts to call their attention to spiritual matters of the soul, without which no one is whole. Rather than seeing through mortal eyes and focusing on worldly matters, he has a third eye on his forehead that sees God’s great goodness and plans.

The Hierophant asks you to make a connection with your God, to seek spiritual sustenance for meaning in life and to replenish your spiritual nature. Seek God’s love and blessings to find peace in your mind and soul. Perhaps you need to seek spiritual guidance from a holy person. Perhaps you need to study religious or philosophical texts and pray. However you find the goodness and peace of your God is a personal matter and should not be subjected to the narrow minds of people who have religious convictions that allow no differing of beliefs on achieving spiritual happiness. There is more than one path to God, and The Hierophant recommends you find one that makes you happy.

In a negative light, The Hierophant could represent a bad influence on your life in spiritual matters, a surrender of responsibility that should not have taken place or misused power of a higher spiritual authority.

Scrooged is a very fun movie, where the ghosts of the Christmas Past, Present and Future play a hierophant role to a Scrooge-like character to make him see the error of his career and money-driven life, helping him focus on the important things in life: love, compassion and a higher spiritual awareness.

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