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The Magician


The Magician
Artwork by Julie Hagan Bloch

The Magician is represented as a shaman. The four suits of the tarot lie before him in the shape of a candle for fire and imagination (wands), a feather for air and intellect (swords), a cup filled with water for emotions (cups), and wampum representing the corporal physical world (coins). The Magician must use his wisdom and intuition to decide which of these attributes must be relied upon in a time of need.

For that is what this card represents. It is a time for change and opportunity where one must look within to find the necessary strength, energy and initiative to best approach a new venture. The Magician has a great many of the positive attributes needed to meet the challenge, as do we all, often only finding out how much we have until we are in a time of need. He rises to conquer the new and meets it in whatever way he must to achieve his goals. Because he may use intellect and creativity in nontraditional manners to overcome obstacles and achieve success, The Magician may be referred to as the Trickster.

The negative aspects of The Magician might be a lack of courage or willpower, confusion or using one’s innate powers for destructive, manipulative ends.

The teacher in the movie Dead Poet’s Society could be described as a magician, inspiring the boys in his class to be creative using unusual and creative lessons, bringing out their potentials to defy the mediocre and make their own magic. The psychiatrist in Sixth Sense helped the disturbed child become whole and deal with his gift/curse. Also, the main character in the movie Bowfinger was a magician, making a film out of nothing but dreams.

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