The Writings of Thoreau

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Includes Walden (complete), plus essays, poetry, biographies, analysis & criticism, and more!
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A Week on the Concord
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The Maine Woods
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Cape Cod
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Table of Contents

- Foreword

— by Ann M. Woodlief, PhD

- Publisher's Preface & Acknowledgements

— by Ron Koster


- Introductory Note to the 1906 Edition

- The Structure, Language & Rhetoric of Walden

— by Ann M. Woodlief, PhD

- [Title Page & Epigraph]

- Economy

- Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

- Reading

- Sounds

- Solitude

- Visitors

- The Bean Field

- The Village

- The Ponds

- Baker Farm

- Higher Laws

- Brute Neighbors

- Former Inhabitants and Winter Visitors

- Winter Animals

- The Pond in Winter

- Spring

- Conclusion


- Walking

- A Walk to Wachusett

- Night & Moonlight

- A Winter Walk


- "Ktaadn" (from The Maine Woods)

- "The Wellfleet Oysterman" (from Cape Cod)

- A Yankee in Canada

- Concord to Montreal

- Quebec and Montmorenci

- St. Anne

- The Walls of Quebec

- The Scenery of Quebec; and the River St. Lawrence


- Wild Apples

- Autumnal Tints

- The Succession of Forest Trees

- Natural History of Massachusetts


- Life Without Principle

- "Friendship" (excerpt from A Week on the Concord & Merrimack Rivers)

- Love

- Chastity & Sensuality

- The Landlord


- Resistance to Civil Government ["Civil Disobedience"]

- Slavery in Massachusetts

- A Plea for Captain John Brown


A selection of 30 of Thoreau's poems — a complete listing of titles can be found at the beginning of this section (or in the table of contents provided within your ebook reader).


- The Wellfleet Penman: Thoreau in Colour

— by Ron Koster

- Thoreau: A Biography for Children

— by Mary Stoyell Stimpson

- Thoreau: A Little Journey Home

— by Elbert Hubbard

- Memories of Thoreau

— as related by Franklin B. Sanborn

- The Forester

— by Amos Bronson Alcott

- Thoreau's Last Letter

— as related by Franklin B. Sanborn

- Eulogy

— by Ralph Waldo Emerson

- Henry Thoreau as Remembered by a Young Friend

— by Edward Emerson


- Henry David Thoreau: His Character and Opinions

— by Robert Louis Stevenson

- The Vagabond in Literature: Henry D. Thoreau

— by Arthur Rickett

- Henry David Thoreau: A Critical Study

— by Mark Van Doren


- Ralph Waldo Emerson

- Biographical Sketch

- Divinity School Address

- Nature

- Transcendental Bible (by Lidian Emerson)

- Margaret Fuller

- Biographical Sketch

- The Great Lawsuit. Man VERSUS Men. Woman VERSUS Women.

- A Short Essay on Critics

- Rev. William Ellery Channing

- Biographical Sketch

- Likeness to God

- Theodore Parker

- Biographical Sketch

- The Transient and Permanent in Christianity

- Transcendentalism

- Amos Bronson Alcott

- Biographical Sketch

- Maxims on Education

- Jones Very

- Biographical Sketch

- Selected Poetry

- [William] Ellery Channing

- Biographical Sketch

- Selected Poetry

- Christopher Pearse Cranch

- Biographical Sketch

- Selected Poetry

- Gallery of Paintings

- Walt Whitman

- Walt Whitman and Transcendentalism

- Selected Poetry


- Sing Along with Henry!

— by Ron Koster

- Sheet Music for Tom Bowling

- Lyrics for Tom Bowling

- Cataloguing & Copyright


List of Illustrations

- Frontispiece/Opening Illustration

Digital artwork by PSYMON, adapted from the illustration used on the title page for the first edition of Walden.

- Title page for Walden

Title page for the first edition of Walden, as published by Ticknor & Fields in 1854.

- Map of Walden Pond & Surrounding Area

Digital artwork by PSYMON, created from a topographic map of the area (circa 1943-1948), including Walden Pond, Flint's (Sandy) Pond, and the town of Concord.

- Walden Pond — A Reduced Plan

Thoreau's 1846 map/survey of the pond, as reproduced in the first edition of Walden.

- Scarlet Oak Leaf

The engraving which Thoreau included with the first publication of Autumnal Tints.

- Oil Portrait of Capt John Brown (1859)

- "Treason!" Broadside from 1859

- Thoreau in 1856

Daguerreotype by Benjamin D. Maxham.

- Thoreau in 1854

Crayon drawing by Samuel Worcester Rowse.

- Thoreau in 1861

Ambrotype by E.S. Dunshee.

- Beach Bluffs at Cape Cod

Photo by Herbert W. Gleason.

- The Wellfleet Penman

Digital artwork by PSYMON of Thoreau in colour.

- Portrait of Ralph Waldo Emerson

- Portrait of Margaret Fuller

- Portrait of Rev. William Ellery Channing

- Portrait of Theodore Parker

- Portrait of Amos Bronson Alcott

- Portrait of Jones Very

- Portrait of Ellery Channing

- Portrait of Christopher Pearse Cranch

- "Transparent Eyeball" caricature by Christopher Pearse Cranch

- Gallery of Paintings by Christopher Pearse Cranch

- The U.S. Capitol (1840)

- Man with Two Cows (1844)

- Autumn Landscape with Boy Fishing (1845)

- Tivoli, East of Rome (1849)

- Landscape with Fishermen and Artist Sketching (1850)

- View on the Hudson (circa 1851)

- Niagara — American Falls (1853)

- View on the Hudson (1856)

- Venice (1860)

- Landscape with Couple Boating (1861)

- The Burning of Barnum's Museum (1865)

- The Washington Oak, Denning's Point (1867)

- Landscape by the Sea (1879)

- McIntyre Mountain (1885)

- Portrait of Walt Whitman

- Portrait of John Thoreau

- Music for Tom Bowling

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