[Oh, have you heard the latest news?]

by Amy Belding Brown

Oh, have you heard the latest news?
We're going on a tour.
And it's not just any common trip --
but a special one for sure!

We're going to follow Henry's tracks
along the outer Cape.
They'll welcome any of us fans --
(as long as we're in shape.)

Now when I read this I was glad
to know of this bold scheme
to visit Massachusetts
and pursue a Thoreau dream.

Cape Cod's a beautiful locale
a tourist spot for all --
also a natural wonder,
deep-carved by Nature's maul.

The winds and tides and hurricanes
have sculpted its great shore
and changed its outline year by year,
rearranging beach décor.

This excursion sounds impressive.
But one thing troubles me -
if we follow Henry's exact path
we'll be walking undersea! :)

August 24, 1999

Copyright © Amy Belding Brown