[The Walden list is silent now]

by Amy Belding Brown

The Walden list is silent now.
It's gone into decline.
The pensive posts which piqued us so
for now no longer shine.
Perhaps we've all gone touring
to Cape Cod or to Maine.
Perhaps we're on Ktaddan's peak
or on Nauset beach in rain.
Perhaps we're Sunday walking
on some Concord forest trail;
perhaps we're building one-room huts,
dipping water in our pail.
These may be summer's dogdays --
but I'm sure that we all know
they need to be spent mindfully
so we don't cease to grow.
Like Henry, we know every day
is a gift to cherish well --
and silence is sometimes the best way
to celebrate life's spell. :)

August 18, 1999

Copyright © Amy Belding Brown