Tabula Rasa?

by Amy Belding Brown

Oh, for the days of the Silent List!
When no one offended by giving a twist
to the words or thoughts of Henry D.,
when not one mumbled a bit off key,
or baited another with favored quote
and tried to put questions up for poll or vote.
When all of us lived in peace unseen
on the far side of our computer screen.
When what that we knew of other views
was revealed alone as we sought the Muse.
Let's cry "Hurrah" for the days of yore
when reading the list was a speedy chore.
For what can be simpler than harmony
when there's no one around to disagree?
So let's give a cheer for the List That's Not
and all those e-posts we never got! ;-)

April 17, 2001

Copyright © Amy Belding Brown