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Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

Artwork by Tracy Cutts

Conflict is brought with the Seven of Wands in the form of competition. This conflict can be exciting and challenging where we meet opposition and overcome it. It is this competition we face in work and career that spurs us on to work harder and more creatively, forcing us to reach within ourselves to scale new heights.

This card shows competition in the form of a group of young women fencing, showing competition quite literally. A woman is shown with her arms spread wide in front of a burning heart, symbolizing the energy and stamina involved in competition.

Hard work is required to overcome obstacles. This is a time to stand firm in your beliefs, face your fears and success will be forthcoming. The responsibility is in your hands to do what is necessary; however it is within your ability to rise to the challenge that makes this victory sweeter for it.

The negative of this card would be a time of indecision, confusion, and the inability to face a challenge.

Movies that epitomizes the challenge of competition are Karate Kid, Diggstown, Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky III.

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