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Three of Wands

Three of Wands

Artwork by Michele Monet

The first stage of a goal or project has been accomplished. There is a sense of inherent satisfaction and pride at this time. Yet while the feeling of success is here, the knowledge that there is more work to do remains. The first structure has been erected, yet there is much to do to finish building the remainder.

This card shows the activity in the Three of Wands, literally showing a skeleton of a building behind our main character. Although appearing satisfied that she has accomplished much of her task, she remains busy and we can see the energy and drive that surrounds her as represented by the flames around her and in her wands held high, ready to take on new tasks. Stairs rise behind her, leading upwards. The sea blue realm of her dreams of future projects is represented by the background.

The Three of Wands tells us that we have reason to rejoice in our achievements, yet not to relax too much, for we still have much work left to do.

The negative aspect of this card might be a lack of focus resulting in a failure. Or it might warn of a more difficult time in which goals will require more work than originally expected.

In the movie Good Will Hunting, the main character Will begins an intensive study of mathematics for which he has a natural aptitude and innate skill. This movie is about finding harmony in change. Will receives the math education in order to move into a promising career and that is something of what this card, Three of Wands represents the possession of the skills and education, yet not the work experience.

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