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Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords

Artwork by Debba

As an event, the Princess is the evolution of a new beginning in the quality of the suit. In this case it is in the realm of thinking and she represents potential in the realm of thinking and formulating new goals.

The Princess of Swords is an individual who is youthful, quick and clever. Yet these qualities also allow him/her to be shallow and strong willed, possibly allowing detachment from people and situations. The intellect moves more quickly than feelings for this individual. This character may be prone to gossip without regard for what repercussions this might cause to persons being discussed

The Princess of Swords is pictured with a light around her, emphasizing the high energy level this character has. Butterflies around her symbolize the evolution of new thoughts.

The Princess of Swords brings new potential in the realm of thinking and formulating new ideas into your life either to you directly or to you through a person with these qualities. However, you should be warned to temper the intellectual with the emotional to keep from stepping on anyone's toes. If this card represents another individual be careful not to expect emotional commitment from them, as they may not be capable of it.

The character of Ling in the TV show Allie McBeal is a Princess of Swords type of character. The character of Katherine in the movie Working Girl is another example of the Princess of Swords.

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