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King of Swords

King of Swords

Artwork by Mark Jetton

The King of Swords is a stern individual with a prevailing sense of justice, honor and ethics. He is respected by others for his honesty and fairness, analytical abilities and intellect. This individual may be a judge or other authority figure who can be counted on to determine an impartial and fair judgement, refusing to let emotions affect punishment or reward, seeking to create balance in life.

The King of Swords is portrayed very visually. He literally sees justice through the scales that represent his eyes. He is composed of the element of his suit and strong characteristics of his nature. This individual can be so divorced from his emotions as to be thoughtless of his impact on others, being arrogant and controlling.

This card can show us a time in our life where we seek justice and symmetry, either within ourselves or in those around us. Or as in all the court cards, this card can announce the presence of an individual coming into our life who has these qualities of authority and a sense of justice overriding personal commitments.

The main character in the movie Unforgiven, William Muny, is a King of Swords character.

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