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Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Artwork by Catherine Moore

Often in conflict we find we have lost the battle. This card is a card of defeat, one where we must face our limitations. We are not omnipotent; we are not always going to end up on top, always the winner. Defeat can and will come many times in a lifetime. This can be carried as a wound and be self-defeating in nature or this can be carried as a scar, a pain that has been overcome and conquered, making us stronger for the next battle. We have the choice of how to wear our defeats, and the Five of Swords tells us to accept these limitations with honesty and courage, hoping the knowledge will make us stronger.

The pirate appears to face defeat in the form of a skull. He can look at it through the eyes of experience and accept the reality of the situation to build upon or he can look at it through the eyes of regret and mask of self-delusion and defeat.

The conflict you are taking on or contemplating taking on will not be successful. It would be wise for you to conserve your resources and either move in another direction or change strategies.

The negative of this card would be mental anguish experienced from a defeat, which is the most difficult to overcome.

In the movie Gone With the Wind, Scarlett although she has a triumphant spirit is defeated by many circumstances, some of her own devising.

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