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Four of Swords

Four of Swords

Artwork by NoMonet

After every exertion there is a need for rest and rejuvenation. This card reminds us that we are human, flesh and blood creatures and we must put our thoughts at rest and escape to a quiet place within ourselves to bring peace and healing to our frequently-exhausted psyche.

The withdrawal that this card recommends is shown by a tree in the shape of a woman, symbolizing Mother Nature, who is nurturing four fetus "fruit" in her branches. Sleep is a wonderful escape and balm. Nothing feels safer than sleep in a mother's arms and finding the peaceful slumber of the innocent.

You must find time for rest and healing. This is a time to retreat from your daily routine for convalescence and repair. This is a time for escape.

The negative of this card would be breaking out from a solitary state of rest, a return to the world and regular activities.

In the movie The Game the main character was pushed too far in a mental game, was outsmarted and in the end was beaten and attempted to escape.

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