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Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Artwork by Arnell Ando

The Three of Swords brings us pain and heartache, emotional stormy weather. This can be through quarrels, separation, breakup of relationships, schisms occurring between friends or family members. Decisions may become apparent that can cause sorrow and emotional pain, including possibly a flash of insight that allows us to perceive a situation for what it is. This emotional turmoil may clear the ground for something new while re-evaluating a difficult time in a relationship or the end of one.

In the background of this card is a handwritten letter from the tortured soul of Vincent Van Gogh. Transfixed on the human torso is a heart which is pierced with three rusty nails and barbed wire. It resembles a sliced apple, which relates to the Garden of Eden and the mythical fall from paradise and eternal bliss. Heartbreak and the loss of innocence eventually lead to wisdom and growth if one is open to these difficult lessons. A naked man covers his face in sorrow. Lips kiss a photo memory of the idyllic wedding scene as the postcard stamp depicts the groom leading his bride off a cliff. Blind trust and faith in love is a two-edged sword. We share as a couple the proverbial Fool's journey off the cliff with both its peril and opportunity for growth.

This card tells us life at this point is "darkest before the dawn." This is a very bleak and barren card, but even the best love carries heartache and as life goes on we are renewed and are able to find solace and comfort beyond the pain. The good memories surface from beyond the bad; you take these experiences with you for future growth.

The negative of this card would be feelings of being excluded or becoming lost in selfish reveries, losing sight of the truth.

In the movie Philadelphia a legal firm betrays an employee once they find out he had AIDS. In the movie Fatal Attraction, the female character, Alex Ross feels the betrayal and despondence of the Three of Swords.

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